Parking Garage Reinforcement and Waterproofing with Carbon Fiber

Nestled in Cripple Creek, Colorado, the Wildwood Hotel and Casino stands as a beacon to adventurers, boasting the title of the world's highest-elevation casino. This iconic destination has seen considerable growth, drawing visitors nationwide with its unique blend of entertainment and scenic beauty. However, with growth comes the challenge of maintaining the integrity of its facilities, particularly the underground parking garage that supports the influx of guests.

Faced with reinforcing and waterproofing two critical walls within this underground structure, Straightline Construction of Colorado stepped in with a solution that marries strength with innovation. Subterranean concrete structures like these are prone to water intrusion, exacerbated by the region's significant snowfall and rainfall, posing a risk to the structural health of the building.

Straightline Construction's approach was comprehensive: employing a 24-inch wide SRS-660 Bidirectional Carbon Fiber for full wall encapsulation. This heavy-duty fabric, combined with a high-strength structural epoxy resin, not only halted water penetration but also significantly reinforced the walls. The SRS-660BI system delivers over 35,000 lbs/SF of confining strength, rivaling traditional #5 rebar mats spaced 6 inches apart while adding negligible weight to the structure.

This project showcases the potent combination of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) technology in addressing and preempting structural and water-related challenges in construction. By leveraging the strength and lightweight properties of CFRP, Straightline Construction ensures the Wildwood Hotel and Casino's legacy continues to thrive, unhindered by the elements.

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The Ram Jack owners embarked on a research program to develop a foundation repair system to stand the test of time. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office first issued a patent to Ram Jack for its foundation repair system in 1985. Over the next few years, additional refinements and patents have followed, resulting in the strongest patented system in the industry. Ram Jack driven pilings are ICC-ES recognized (International Construction Code—Evaluation Services). Ram Jack is one of only two ICC-ES recognized foundation repair companies in the industry. Ram Jack’s products meet or exceed code requirements set down by ICC-ES for both commercial and residential properties.

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