Pikes Peak Summit Complex

Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Project Type: New Construction
  • Division: Infrastructure
  • Service: Micropiles & Rock Anchors

General Contractor G.E. Johnson began construction on this high (literally) profile and exciting project in June of 2018. The project consists of construction of the new 38,000 square feet Summit Complex which includes over 2,000 lf of elevated boardwalks and viewing platforms. Construction is occurring at the summit of Pikes Peak at an elevation of over 14,000 feet. The unique challenges associated with performing construction work at this extreme elevation are as demanding as the views from the summit are extraordinary.

Straight Line Construction was selected to install the micropiles for the project. Straight Line Construction is under contract to install 201 micropiles for the elevated boardwalk and viewing platforms as well as 9 micropiles for the building. Currently 81 micropiles have been installed for the center elevated boardwalks. Construction is expected to continue for two more years due to the extremely short season associated with working at this altitude.

The micropiles have a design load of 40 kips (40,000 lbs). Micropiles are being installed with 6” diameter drill bit and No. 9, Grade 75 reinforcing steel. The upper portion of the micropiles have steel casing to resist lateral loads and to provide a bond breaker between the permafrost and the micropile. The bedrock encountered in the bond zone is granite from the Pikes Peak Granite Formation. The reinforcing steel was acquired from Nucor Norfolk in Nebraska to meet the LEED requirements for recycled materials for the project.

Straight Line Construction is proud to be working on this exciting and challenging project on top of Pikes Peak – “America’s Mountain”. Some of the unique challenges associated with construction at the site include:

  • Extremely short construction season
  • Design of micropiles and micropile grout as it applies to the permafrost encountered at the summit
  • Harsh weather
  • Long commutes associated with the daily drive up Pikes Peak Highway

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