How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Foundation?


Cracks in drywall, poor drainage, and uneven floors are signs of a compromised foundation. Considering that a property’s foundation is the most crucial structural component, you must be proactive and address foundation issues immediately.

An essential aspect of foundation repair is understanding the cost. Understanding the factors that go into the foundation repair cost allows you to make sound budgeting decisions. Learn what will contribute to the cost of your foundation repair.

Need for Inspection

Your foundation repair contractor may need to inspect the entire foundation to assess the damage extent and devise a plan for repair. For example, if you notice cracks in the drywall but don’t know how far down the cracks go, you may need an inspection to assess the situation fully.

Luckily, some contractors offer free inspections as long as you decide to use them for repairs. However, if you want a foundation inspection, perhaps because you want to put up your house for sale, you will have to pay for the service.

Size of Your Property

The property’s size determines how much time and resources are necessary for foundation repair. Large properties may need more materials and take longer to complete the repairs than small properties, which translates to a higher repair cost for the former.

In the same way, the accessibility of your property may affect the cost of foundation repair. For instance, if there is limited access to the affected area, the repair contractor may have to excavate the landscape. Again, this process adds to the overall repair costs.

Method of Foundation Repair

You have different foundation repair methods to choose from, mostly based on the damage type and your budget. Some common methods include slab jacking, helical piers, crack sealing, and shimming.

Slab jacking is where the contractor pumps grout material into the voids beneath the foundation slab. This method is best for lightweight structures. Helical piers are steel rods driven into the ground to offer extra stabilization for your foundation and are best for heavier structures with deep foundations, such as commercial buildings.

Crack sealing is used to repair cracks while shimming is used to fill in any uneven areas caused by settling.

Extent of Damage

The severity of damage is a major factor affecting the foundation repair cost. The reason is that the more extensive the damage, the more materials and labor will be needed for the job.

If you notice the issues in the early stage, the repair cost may be much lower than if the issues were left unchecked and became severe. On the other hand, if the damages escalate, you may be forced to repair the floor and interior walls, which leads to higher costs.

Need for Permits and Regulation

Depending on your region, you may be required to acquire permits before starting any foundation repair. However, minor repairs may be exempted from permitting. Before embarking on any repair process, take your time to familiarize yourself with the local regulations.

Need for Engineer

You may need to hire a structural engineer if the foundation damage is extensive. Structural engineers are better suited to determine the severity of damages and recommend appropriate solutions. The engineer may also provide a detailed report with a step-by-step repair process that can help in budgeting. Hiring an engineer will raise the cost of your repair.

Now that you know the factors determining the foundation repair cost, you can prepare a budget beforehand and choose the best method suited for your property. Most importantly, work with a reliable foundation repair contractor to ensure the best results. Be sure to ask for cost estimates, and don’t let low bids lure you to choosing an inexperienced contractor.

Straight Line Construction is your go-to expert for foundation repair services. We are fully licensed to offer fast and reliable services. Contact us for a consultation.

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Straight Line Construction has changed a great deal over the last 30+ years in the industry, but one thing remains the same: our commitment to quality and to designing and installing permanent solutions to foundation settlement issues. Beginning with small residential jobs more than 30 years ago when the family-owned company was founded by Tim Davis, Sr., Straight Line Construction today repairs cracking residential and commercial foundations through its Ram Jack product toolkit and designs solutions for large infrastructure and industrial projects. We specialize in matching the right solution to each type of foundation repair issue.

Are you building a new home and want to ensure it has a solid foundation? Or is your house experiencing unwanted sagging or a cracking foundation? Are your walls cracked or your doors and windows sticking? As a bonded, licensed, and fully insured foundation repair company, we are proud to serve Colorado homeowners, builders, and commercial contractors. Our technical certifications enable us to offer the highest quality services and the best American-made, environmentally safe products available for foundation repair. Regardless of how your building is shifting or sinking, we can help you stop it. Our 30 years in the business and our designation as a Ram Jack certified dealer means you get the most technologically savvy solution to fix your foundation.

From the factory to the field, we strive to ensure the quality of our products and workmanship meet the highest industry standards. We work with other vetted professionals in the industry. All of our helical piers, push piers, and mounting brackets are manufactured by Ram Jack in Ada, OK, at an ISO-certified facility with American-made steel. Williams Form Engineering in Golden, CO, manufactures our reinforcing bar for ground anchor systems and shares our commitment to quality control and quality assurance.

About Ram Jack

Ram Jack is a family-owned business that began operations in 1968, in Ada, OK, where we currently source our piers and brackets. Back then, concrete piering was the original repair method used simply because it was the only technology available at the time. Over time, it became evident that concrete piers did not provide long-term stabilization of foundations and only provided a short-term warranty period. To guarantee the highest grade of customer satisfaction, a greater solution needed to be found.

The Ram Jack owners embarked on a research program to develop a foundation repair system to stand the test of time. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office first issued a patent to Ram Jack for its foundation repair system in 1985. Over the next few years, additional refinements and patents have followed, resulting in the strongest patented system in the industry. Ram Jack driven pilings are ICC-ES recognized (International Construction Code—Evaluation Services). Ram Jack is one of only two ICC-ES recognized foundation repair companies in the industry. Ram Jack’s products meet or exceed code requirements set down by ICC-ES for both commercial and residential properties.

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